Antonia Jennings

Associate Director

Antonia brings significant expertise in economic democracy and programme management to her Associate Director role. As a London based employee, she leads on developing the community wealth building agenda in the capital and the South East.

Antonia joined the organisation in January 2021. Commenting on her new role, she said:

“I have long admired CLES for its pioneering work implementing the new economy. I chose CLES because it is a think and do tank which works with bodies across the country to deliver some of the best progressive policy coming out of academia and civil society today. The events of the last few years, including Covid-19, Brexit and accelerating environmental breakdown have highlighted the need and desire for innovative policy at a local level, and I am excited to be working at CLES on this.”

What CLES values about Antonia

Antonia is an experienced policy and strategy professional committed to building more sustainable, resilient and just economies. Antonia comes to CLES from the Economic Change Unit, where she was Programme Lead. She has also worked as Policy and Public Affairs Manager at the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, which furthers the voice of some 650,000 health professionals in their response to climate change. Prior to this, she worked at and the Climate Group, and has expertise across economic democracy, sustainability and organisational development.

Antonia is a graduate of the University of Manchester and also holds a Masters with Distinction in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics. Since 2018, she has sat on the board of Rethinking Economics, an international charity working to change the teaching and application of economics.

Other relevant affiliations

  • Board member at Rethinking Economics
  • Spokesperson for Wellbeing Economy Alliance

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