Eleanor Radcliffe

Senior Researcher

Ellie is a Senior Researcher at CLES, having previously developed diverse experience across the third sector, with a career rooted in a passion for social justice.  Ellie delivers research, membership, policy and consultancy work at CLES, and has particular interests in community organising, environmental breakdown and new municipalism. She is an experienced facilitator and her work prior to her time at CLES included hosting spaces where people with lived experience of homelessness could engage with policy-makers around decision making.

Ellie joined the organisation in February 2020. Here’s what she said when we asked her, ‘why did you choose CLES?’

I’ve been aware of CLES as a significant force within the world of progressive economics for some years, and always admired their desire to create a society that is geared towards enabling people, place and planet to thrive. Throughout my professional and personal life, I have seen the complexity of the challenges we are facing when trying to address social, economic and environmental inequalities and pain and it is exciting to work for an organisation pushing forward the change we need, now more than ever, by tackling some of the biggest issues in society and advocating for public services, democracy and an economy which are for people, not for profit.

Other relevant affiliations

  • Member of the Losing Control Network
  • Member of ACORN (a community union)

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