Isaac Stanley

Senior Researcher

Isaac works on a range of projects, with a particular focus on alternative forms of economic development and industrial policy, in the UK and beyond. His previous work has spanned policy, civil society and academia. Most recently he worked on inclusive innovation and industrial policy at Nesta, which involved work with governments and multilateral agencies in various regions (Africa, South America, South East Asia and across Europe). He started his career as a community organiser with Citizens UK, in his native east London.

Isaac joined the organisation in March 2020. Here’s what he said when we asked him, “why did you choose CLES?”

I am passionate about building a ‘human economy’ – an economy organised around human needs, which would enable us all to flourish. CLES is unique in the UK as an organisation which not only thinks radically about alternative economic possibilities, but works closely with local governments to bring them to life. I believe this articulation of thinking and doing is crucial, and I’m excited to be working at the heart of it. As the wise saying goes: it’s not hope that leads to action, but action that leads to hope!

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