Jonty Leibowitz


Jonty Leibowitz is a Researcher at CLES, having joined in September 2018 after working for a social enterprise. Jonty delivers policy, research, membership and consultancy work at CLES, and has particular interests in political economy, deepening democracy, and local wealth building in urban areas.

Jonty joined CLES in September 2018. Here’s what he said when we asked him, ‘Why did you choose CLES?’.

‘I joined CLES because I believe that things can and must change, and CLES is the place to make that change happen. Our current political economy is a total failure, and we won’t achieve social justice by tinkering around the edges- only a fundamental redistribution in wealth and power will do. CLES is on the forefront of experimenting with practical ideas to build this better future, and I love working here because its incredibly exciting to be in the foothills of building this new movement.’

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