Jonty Leibowitz

Senior Researcher

Jonty Leibowitz is a Senior Researcher at CLES, having joined in September 2018 after working for a social enterprise. Jonty delivers policy research and consultancy work at CLES, and has particular interests in advancing community wealth building; local economic development; and exploring local responses to climate emergency.

Jonty joined CLES in September 2018. Here’s what he said when we asked him, ‘Why did you choose CLES?’.

‘I joined CLES because I believe that things can and must change, and CLES is the place to make that change happen. Our current political economy is a total failure, and we won’t achieve social justice by tinkering around the edges- only a fundamental redistribution in wealth and power will do. CLES is on the forefront of experimenting with practical ideas to build this better future, and I love working here because its incredibly exciting to be in the foothills of building this new movement.’

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