Lisa Adamson

External Affairs Officer

Lisa is on maternity leave until January 2024.

Lisa joined CLES in November 2021. She recently completed a Master’s degree in Inequalities and Social Science at the London School of Economics. She has extensive experience in the higher education marketing sector, as well as fundraising, mentoring, campaigning, and training. Her work at CLES will support the external affairs and office management teams as well as enabling her to pursue her research interests in social policy, housing, education, ecology and the political economy.

Here’s what Lisa said when we asked her, “why did you choose CLES?”

“I have been following CLES for several years due to their pioneering work on community wealth building, which aims to embed social and economic justice firmly within local communities. What I love about CLES is the commitment not just to thinking differently about the economy, but taking concrete action in partnership with local councils. I am thrilled to be part of such a passionate team of people!”

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