Oliver Seabarron


Oliver works to further develop our financial analysis of local economies, understanding where wealth is held in places and how if flows through them. He is developing our work around beneficial ownership, helping to explore how community wealth building strategies can be refined to retain more wealth in local communities. Oliver has well developed quantitative skills in statistics and econometrics, advanced statistical techniques and an understanding of machine learning algorithms. He joined CLES in March 2021 from a PhD undertaken in collaboration with the Tax Justice Network, where he applied his quantitative skills to questions of financial flows, having examined issues of tax havens, financial secrecy, illicit financial flows and financialisaton of the economy.

Here’s what Oliver said when we asked him, “why did you choose CLES?”

CLES drives change towards building socially just economies and has a refreshingly unorthodox approach to getting there. I have been very impressed by CLES’s work in recent years in engaging and empowering citizens to reshape not only who owns wealth, but how it is generated. I am excited by the opportunity to use my experience working with data in advancing the community wealth building agenda, working alongside places to realise the progressive economic alternatives they desperately need.

Specialist skills

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Beneficial ownership

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