Community Wealth Builders Toolbox

Find tools and resources designed to help you and your organisation become community wealth builders. We encourage you to download, use and adapt them for your own organising. We are always looking to improve the toolkit so please do send any ideas for improvements our way.

What is Community Wealth Building?

Community Wealth Builders
presentation slides

Our Community Wealth Building presentation slides provide a basic introduction to what Community Wealth Building is, why it’s important and how it can help you. They include handy notes so that you can easily use them to tell others about Local Wealth Building.

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Community Wealth Building

This two-minute animation provides a visual explanation of how Community Wealth Building circulates money back into local economies.

Animation: What is local wealth building?

Community Wealth Builders

Our Community Wealth Building briefing provides a short introduction to the Local Wealth Building approach, how it has worked in practice and its potential to transform local economies.

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Examples of Community Wealth Building in Practice


Below are links to excellent resources produced by other organisations who promote different aspects of community wealth building.

Tool Box

By Stir to Action

Covering topics related to diversifying and democratising ownership of the economy including setting up cooperatives, how to raise community shares and crowd funding:

Visit Toolbox

Eight principles of community wealth building

By The Democracy Collaborative

A useful one page summary of the principles behind the Democracy Collaboratives work to build community wealth in the USA.

View 8 Principles

Keep it Local campaign guides

By Locality

These guides provide tailored advice for councillors, commissioners and community organisations wishing to see more public services commissioned locally.

View guides.

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