Joseph Tupling

Quantitative Researcher

Joe joined CLES in August 2023.  He’s a skilled economist and analyst and brings a wealth of economic policy knowledge from both his undergrad and masters in economics, from the London then Barcelona School of Economics respectively. Joe has strengths across a range of quantitative research methods and tools, from economic statistics, modelling, data science and visualisation.

Here’s what Joe said when we asked, “why did you choose CLES?”

I decided to join CLES because I wanted to apply my quantitative and data analysis skills to real world projects which have a positive impact on society as a whole. Understanding the “causes of things” is fundamental in addressing important societal issues and working towards solving them in a progressive way. I particularly enjoy using data to tell the “story” behind a policy recommendation and feel as though quantitative methods can complement the qualitative elements of research, and as a result, deliver a powerful argument for change in the way local economies function.