Sean Benstead

Senior Researcher

Sean joined CLES in November 2021 as a Researcher and was promoted to Senior Researcher in December 2022. Sean brings knowledge of political theory, strategy and communication that is highly relevant to the prevailing policy agenda and the CLES mission to build good local economies for everyone everywhere.

Here’s what Sean said when we asked him, “why did you choose CLES?”

I joined CLES for their innovative and ambitious approaches to municipal economic transformation, their commitment to harnessing and implementing fresh ideas from civil society alongside the propensity for CLES’s work to build popular coalitions of mass political support.

Following the ground-breaking work of the Liverpool City-Region Land Commission, I am particularly excited by the opportunity to work on exploring how local authorities can look to alternative models of land ownership and land use to influence more equal socio-economic and environmentally responsible outcomes.

Research interests

  • Land
  • Ownership
  • Climate and energy

Relevant affiliations

  • Associate Member of European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture
  • Greater Manchester Housing Action

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