Simrin Rahman

Q-Step Data Fellow

Simrin is joining CLES for a paid Q-Step internship over the summer of 2024. We asked her to tell us about her background and what drew her to CLES:

“I’m an undergraduate student studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the University of Manchester. I’ve really enjoyed using data in Economics to tell a story about localised case studies which has been propped up by my passion for local politics.

“Through economic coursework and further data training, I’ve been able to build robust quantitative skills, using tools like R and Python. My roles as Economics Editor at PPE Press Journal and Business Intern at The Guardian have further allowed me to apply my academic knowledge in practical settings, where I produced insightful analysis, with a real focus in my writing on how people have been affected.

“Throughout my degree, I’ve been particularly drawn to the social aspect of economic analysis, studying further about the real impact of certain policy pathways on local people. CLES’ focus on the social economy and community wealth-building therefore really resonated with me. I was drawn to applying for the Q-Step Data Fellowship due to CLES’s unique position as a “think and do”-tank that centres positive impacts on local communities in its analysis. I saw CLES as a real opportunity to act on my passions and do work that results in a tangible and genuine impact on local areas, something which aligns with my desire to impact social change.”

Get in touch with Simrin Rahman via email or LinkedIn