Tallulah Eyres


Tallulah joined CLES in February 2023. Tallulah is policy researcher and analyst with experience in developing evidence-based solutions to pressing social issues.

Here’s what Tallulah said when we asked, “why did you choose CLES?”

I chose CLES because of its position as an independent think-and-do tank, renowned for its research and analysis of the most pertinent issues facing contemporary society. I value CLES’s vision to improve local economic opportunities and outcomes, and share its commitment to generate real change in policy and practice.

I have spent my academic career mapping and analysing the structures and conditions of marginality and deprivation – in particular, the role of the state and public institutions in alleviating and/or exacerbating these problems.

CLES will provide a platform for me to build on my broad interests in social and political science, and apply my learning to real world problems in order to devise solutions and deliver change.

Specialist areas:

  • Education and Skills
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Other relevant affiliations

  • Steering Committee Member for Salford Learning City
  • Ambassador for The Dick Camplin Education Trust

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