Victoria Bettany

Senior Researcher

Victoria is currently on maternity leave. If you need to be in touch regarding her work please email

Victoria delivers fresh policy advice, research and analysis for partners, members and commissioners. Her day-to-day responsibilities span primary research and policy development through to project design, management and delivery.

Victoria joined the organisation in September 2016 from Manchester City Council. Here’s what she said when we asked her, ‘why did you choose CLES?’.

‘CLES has the ability, the mandate and the platform to develop progressive ideas and economic policies in collaboration with a strong and growing network to benefit real people and local places.

For me, CLES is an opportunity to build on my experience in strategic research and policy at Manchester City Council and have a tangible and lasting positive impact on people, places and organisations across the UK and Europe.’

Get in touch with Victoria Bettany via email or Twitter