About the Centre of Excellence

The Community Wealth Building Centre of Excellence is the home of the community wealth building movement in the UK.

Our vision

We are working to realise a future where community wealth building is the guiding principle of local economic development and local economies truly work for people, places and the planet. We wish to see wealth harnessed for the benefit of those that created it and within environmental limits.

What we do

We bring together networks of community wealth builders and cultivate connections to grow a thriving movement

We share knowledge, convene conversations and work with practitioners to develop strategic policy and practice

We offer training, toolkits and tailored support to help individuals and organisations build community wealth

How does the CfX work?

Our steering group guides the activities of the CfX to:

  • Draw on expertise to support the development and deepening of community wealth building work
  • Provide insight on the national policy environment and guide positioning of the CfX
  • Advocate for community wealth building principles and practice in key sectors

Meet our steering group

The CfX has been established and is run by CLES.

  • Tom Lloyd Goodwin is Director of The CfX.  He works with the steering group to set the strategic direction and major projects.
  • Helen Power is Manager of The CfX. She leads on the day to day activities and communications relating to the CfX.