From recovery to reform: support for your new local economy

CLES has recently released two papers exploring the Covid-19 pandemic and how community wealth building offers a tried and tested means to deliver economic recovery and reform. At the core of these papers lies a simple emergent truism – there is no going back to the economy of old.

Drawing on our wealth of practice over three decades in all four nations of the United Kingdom, CLES has developed packages of support for those at the front line of the economic reform process.

How can we help?


  • Local supply chain: Analysis on the impact of Covid-19 on your supply chains and the role procurement and commissioning will play in local economic recovery.
  • Labour market: Mapping of at-risk sectors and geographies and possibilities for skills transfer to new growth sectors.
  • Assets: Reviewing your asset register to determine how it can support local economic recovery.
  • Local Economy Explorer: Determine how you can repurpose your local economy using bespoke data tools.

Recovery to reform action plans

  • Community wealth building: Evaluation and assessment via a rapid deep dive on strategies and actions needed to bend and scale existing policy to support recovery and reform.
  • Economic resilience: Understanding the composition, influence and relationships of the private, public and social sectors using CLES’ models.
  • Local Green New Deal/Local Industrial Strategy: Developing sectors and skills, business diversification programmes and asset-based transitions for a greener and fairer future.
  • Place-based strategy: Working with localities to understand and analyse place specific issues (i.e. neighbourhoods, district centres, town centres).

Anchor institution strategies

  • Networks: Engaging with and convening anchor institutions to build effective networks
  • Impact: Mapping the local social, economic and environmental impact of anchor institutions
  • Input: Exploring how anchor institutions can contribute to recovery and reform plans

In addition, CLES can offer strategic advice, training and capacity support, acting as a guide and critical friend. If you would like to discuss this, or any other work, please get in touch.

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