Community Wealth Building in Clackmannanshire

(2020 – ongoing)

Clackmannanshire was the second local authority in Scotland to develop a community wealth building action plan to deliver an improved economy for Clackmannanshire which works better for residents and businesses and makes the best sustainable use of their resources.


  • Community wealth building forms a central theme of the Scottish Programme for Government and the government has working with five areas to produce bespoke community wealth building action plans. These are Clackmannanshire, South of Scotland, Glasgow City Region, Western Isles and Tay cities.
  • There are high levels of vulnerability and inequality in some of Clackmannanshire’s towns and villages that require significant and often complex support.
  • The Council has also committed to using community wealth building to realise its objective of enabling women and girls to be confident and aspirational and achieve their full potential.

Community Wealth Building in Clackmannanshire

During the autumn of 2020 CLES worked with the Council and partners to develop a Community Wealth Building Action Plan for Clackmannanshire. The plan offers the Council and it’s partners a set of practical actions that will help them achieve their hopes and aims for the County.