Community Wealth Building in Wigan

(2018 – ongoing)

CLES is working with Wigan Council to build a more inclusive economy by embedding community wealth building principles in the next phase of the Wigan Deal. 


  • The Council developed the award-winning Wigan Deal as a model for public service transformation which reimagined the role of the Council as a facilitator of ideas emerging from the local community. 
  • In 2018 the Council recognised the persistence of deprivation in the Borough andinspired by the economically transformative potential of community wealth building, approached CLES to help develop a new iteration of the Deal, with the building of an inclusive economy at its heart. 

Community Wealth Building in Wigan

Animating the social and solidarity economy

The inherent community wealth building logic of the Wigan Deal has helped to transform the role of the Council into an enabler of the social and solidarity economy. Over the last few years the Council has offered tailored support for CICs, seconded staff, and developed funding and support packages to develop ideas and devolution of control of publicly owned land and property. A good example of this can be found in Sunshine House.  

Reforming a sector to improve conditions for the lowest paid workers

In Wigan, spending on adult social care – traditionally a low paid sector – is understood as a key site for shaping employment opportunities and conditions for local peopleThe Ethical Homecare Framework and work over many years to embed the approach of the Deal among providers has driven up employment standards, fundamentally reformed the economy of the care sector in the Borough and supported the development of more than 100 social enterprises. 

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