Greater Manchester Community Wealth Hub

(2022 – ongoing)

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) are developing a community wealth hub, with the intention of driving the development of a more inclusive economy in the region 


  • Employee-owned businesses, co-operatives, social enterprises and community ownership models enable the wealth generated in places to be more equitably shared by the workers and communities who create it.  
  • The sector currently faces a challenge of fragmented and inaccessible support that can confuse and deter potential business leaders.  
  • The Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission recommended the creation of a community wealth hub to support and grow co-operatives, mutuals, social and community enterprises in the region. 

Supporting the inclusive economy

Creation of this hub will explicitly support the development of a more plurally-owned economy in Greater Manchester. 

The hub is currently being co-designed with key stakeholders and communities to articulate the hub’s purpose and functions and to develop a concept model and operating proposition that is currently with GMCA for final approval.