Salford Third Sector Grants Fund 

(2014 – ongoing)

Improving health and social care in Salford is a top priority across the borough. It is a key tenet of Salford’s locality plan and a focus for partnership working, particularly around the delivery of the Salford Third Sector Grants Fund.


  • The Fund provides voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises and primary schools across all parts of the city with a small investment, to help them address some of the key health priorities in Salford.
  • The CCG has provided the framework for the grant programme with a very clear focus on health and wellbeing, as well as providing £1m per year of Funding.
  • Salford CVS’s role is to promote, administer and award the grants as well as ensure that the Fund is robustly monitored and evaluated.
  • The Grant Fund provides a great example of the way in which a CCG can use its financial power to create social value by supporting the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.


The Grant Fund has been renewed year after year and is helping people to achieve a number of positive outcomes including:

  • getting active;
  • getting off the streets;
  • improved confidence;
  • reduced social isolation; and,
  • improved mental health.

These outcomes have been successfully reached by people of all ages in a broad set circumstances. To date, it has been calculated that for every £1 invested by the CCG a social return of £14.94 has been delivered.