Connecting community wealth builders

Collaboration is at the heart of community wealth building, and the Centre of Excellence is a hub where individual people and places can connect and work together as a movement.

In community wealth building we are seeing the growth of a global movement of citizens, public, social and solidarity and private sector organisations. Working together these people and organisations are realising lasting change.

Community wealth building needs action from many people in different roles, but to be effective these people need to be working together.

We work across sectors, in villages, towns and cities and with politicians, business owners, employers, citizens, anchor institutions. We work to bring these people and places together to generate new ways of doing, share learning and to inspire, challenge and support each other.

How we connect community wealth builders

1. We work with different sectors, and networks of anchor institutions, to develop best practice and policy.

We connect people in the movement
  • We run an annual Community Wealth Building summit
  • We run regional networking events
We deepen work in different sectors by bringing people together on a sector basis
  • We convene sector networks of anchor institutions to build strong links within and between sectors who are advancing community wealth building
We combine the economic power of local anchor institutions to realise greater impact on the local economy
  • We bring together local networks of anchor institutions

2. We run sector-specific events to explore the policy context for community wealth building and identify practical strategies.

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3. We provide bespoke advice on setting up anchor institution networks.

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