Do we Re:Brexit?

Downtown Manchester in Business recently hosted a special post referendum event at Alberts Square Chop House on Wednesday. The event entitled ‘Re:Brexit?’ discussed Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

The UK decided to end its membership of the European Union in a history making referendum last month. Already the implications of that decision have been far reaching, with the Prime Minister resigning and the leader of the Opposition facing a challenge to his position. But what next post the EU poll fallout? We were joined for a special Downtown discussion by eminent commentators, who offered their take on what the economic and political ramifications will be in the coming weeks, months and years. Is leaving the EU a force for good – or will we live to ‘ReBrexit?

Key speakers at the afternoon forum included Downtown in Business CEO Frank McKenna, CEO Northwest Business Leadership Team Geoffrey Piper, Professor at the University of Liverpool Management School Tom Cannon and CEO Centre for Local Economic Strategies Neil McInroy.

Panellist Neil McInroy of think tank CLES commented “Our future is potentially radically changed. Politicians are not good at change” following Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

“This gives us a chance to rethink what our economic and social model can be”

In a lively, interactive discussion with the 50 strong audience, all agreed that the debate and discussion throughout the campaign itself was extremely poor, with the contest turning into a “vanity competition between leading members of the Tory Party” according to McKenna.

Tom Cannon and Geoffrey Piper expressed disappointment about the outcome of the pool,  but both believed Manchester would continue to be an economic hub that would grow, despite some serious short term challenges. 

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