Social Return on Investment (SROI) training

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11th and 12th February 2014


Independent think tank nef (the new economics foundation) and nef consulting, the social enterprise and trading arm of nef, were integral to the development of the SROI methodology. They have conducted more analyses than any other organisation, using the most sophisticated economic modelling techniques.

nef consulting draws on best practice developed performing SROI analysis for organisations in the third, public and private sectors to inform a two-day ILM-accredited SROI course. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to conduct SROI analysis themselves; become a recognised SROI practitioner or fine-tune their understanding of the methodology.

The course has received positive feedback from all six hundred participants have attended since it was first delivered in 2009.

More about the course:

  • It covers all of the methodology and practice needed to carry out an SROI analysis. It combines a thorough understanding of the theoretical policy background to SROI and its long-term benefits, with a step by step guide to the SROI methodology backed up by a range of practical group exercises.
  • It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilise SROI and its findings, and to undertake SROI analyses for themselves.
  • It draws on the extensive SROI experience of a large team of SROI practitioners based at nef, and incorporates learnings from nef‘s Centre for Well-being and Sustainable Commissioning work.
  • nef co-wrote the Cabinet Office Guide to SROI.
  • It is a quality-assured Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Development course.
  • We offer a series of follow-up SROI Masterclasses to build the skills of practitioners.
  • All attendees are offered half an hour’s free post-training telephone consultancy to guide them through their first SROI analysis
  • Larger, reduced rate consultancy packages are also exclusively available to attendees.

To book on the course please visit  or contact Dr Jenny Rouse on or 020 7820 6329