CLES Summit 2011 Making places better 12 and 13 July

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Venue: Barnes Wallis Building, University of Manchester

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Tuesday 12 July

09:00 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Chair’s opening remarks

10:15 Opening Plenary: The challenges for better places

Places and people are under great pressure as the full impacts of cuts, policy and restructuring emerge.  In this session, we’ll examine the challenges in more detail and explore the key conundrums around economic growth, the need to adapt to environmental change, making places resilient to shocks and  tackling long standing poverty and exclusion?

11:15 Break

11:30 Workshops: The opportunities of current policy

1. Welfare reform: A challenging programme of work

2. Will growth happen? Local Enterprise Partnerships and Enterprise Zones

3. Big society or big baloney?

4. Wellbeing and health: What are the opportunities for regeneration and the economy?

5. Neighbourhood planning: A new tool to shape local development

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Workshops: Funding and investing in resilient places

1. Funding and finance in a challenging context

2. Taking a fresh look at procurement: Using the resources we do have

3. What is the future role of housing in regeneration?

4. Commissioning and collaborating: New opportunities in the community and voluntary sector

5. Regional Growth Fund: Can we create sustainable jobs for the future?

6. The Sustainable transport debate, a viable strategy for the future?

15:15 Break

15:40 Closing plenary: Alternative visions for places in the future

16:30 Close of day 1

Wednesday 13 July

09:00 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening plenary: Why governance of place needs more than an LEP

11:15 Break

11.45 Workshops: Tools for better places

1. Cost Benefit Analysis

2. Understanding wellbeing

3. Understanding Local Multipliers

4. Measuring resilience

5. From data to intelligence

6. Using creativity to develop better places

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Debate: A pluralist approach to public service delivery: Threat or opportunity

15:00 CLES Commendations

16:00 Close of Summit