CollegesWales Annual Conference 2019

24-26 Newport Rd, Cardiff CF24 0DD

CLES CEO, Neil McInroy will be a guest speaker at CollegesWales Annual Conference in Cardiff, which this year tackles the  theme “Devolution and Delivering Public Value in Education”.

Investment in further education colleges is not just financial, it is social and societal, contributing to the wider public good. Set against the backdrop of twenty years of devolution, this conference will explore the role of further education institutions and their partners in delivering social improvement, economic development, and public value.

The Conference audience will be college leaders, wider educational leaders, senior government officials and public policy professionals and there will be ample opportunities to network with education experts and wider influencers from communities around Wales and further afield

The conference will consider the role of further education in tackling some of the biggest issues facing twenty-first century society, both in Wales and beyond.

CLES CEO, Neil McInroy is delivering a session at 12:55

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