CWB Summit 2023

Band on the Wall, 25 Swan St, Manchester, M4 5JZ

Building community wealth in the cracks of a broken economy

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The only UK-wide event dedicated to examining and expanding progressive place economics.

This year the CWB Summit will focus on examining the questions of how we build wealth for our places and how we ensure that, when we get it, that wealth works hard for our communities.

Our host city, Manchester, has been proposed as something of a model for rapid place redevelopment in recent years. However, questions have been raised about the impacts of this model on other communities, on housing in the city as a whole and on whether it has truly benefitted those beyond the urban centre and, in particular, in peripheral “left behind” towns.

We believe that the questions being raised in Manchester are questions for all places, particularly in an era of shrinking funding for local government and increasing economic disparities.

What you’ll learn

This year’s event will present opportunities to hear from keynote speakers who will inspire you to think afresh about how the economies of places work, to explore the city of Manchester through fresh eyes, and to think about where the private and charity sectors fit in when we’re building economic justice in our places.

Breakout sessions will be practice focussed, with discussions focussing on themes including land and planning, the changing role of economic development, the impact of progressive procurement, measuring success and getting the most from inward investment.

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Tickets for this year’s event are £95 or £55 for voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE).

This event is now sold out – click here to be added to the waiting list →

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Please note: While our venue, Band on the Wall, has a bar which serves alcohol during its evening operations, this will not be open at any point during the Summit. The venue has also agreed that all bottles/cans will be removed from sight and pumps will be covered for the duration of the event.