Know your place: understanding a town’s role in the wider local economy

How do towns differentiate themselves while complementing nearby cities and working with neighbouring towns? Should some accept their status as dormitory towns or is finding a competitive economic edge a realistic goal for all? How often do they consider the realities of the wider economy? Know Your Place will debate how towns can carve out a sustainable economic role.

Think Time sessions provide an enjoyable and interesting opportunity for debate, discussion and new ideas. They are small scale to encourage active participation and offer a chance to think about the future and reflect on lessons from the past.

This Think Time event, organised by the Centre for Local Strategies (CLES) and New Start magazine in partnership with Action for Market Towns (AMT), will help inform ongoing work looking at the future prosperity of towns. It will be facilitated by Neil Mcinroy, chief executive of CLES, and Chris Wade, chief executive of AMT.


Free to all CLES/ New Start and AMT members – on the booking form just tick the box for CLES member, or write ‘AMT Member’ in the query box – this will not count as an event day for those members with event days included in their membership.

Non-members will be charged £25 plus VAT booking fee.

Includes refreshments.

Date 26th January

Time 2pm – 4pm

Venue Express Networks, 1 George Leigh Street, Manchester M4 5DL