Levelling up communities

Broadhurst House: The Workplace (outside secure zone)

Putting people, place and civil society at the heart of the agenda
A DevoConnect event, with CLES, New Philanthropy Capital and Impetus

Although this event is part of the official Conservative Party Conference Fringe, it is taking place outside of the secure zone: guests do not need a Conference pass and there is no requirement to book to attend.

New Philanthropy Capital, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies and Impetus have come together to ensure that the levelling up agenda – often associated with investment in physical infrastructure such as transport and public realm – gives equal if not greater prioritisation to social infrastructure: to investment in people – in skills and education, in community organisations and charities. They are particularly keen to sustain and practically support the community spirit, collaboration and innovation, seen during lockdown, into the recovery phase and beyond.


  • Sunder Katwala, Director, British Future, (Chair)
  • Danny Kruger MP
  • Peter Gibson MP
  • Cllr Kevin Bentley, Chair, People and Places Board, LGA
  • Imogen Sinclair, Director, The New Social Covenant Unit
  • Dan Corry, Chief Executive, NPC
  • Sarah Longlands, Chief Executive, CLES
  • Eleanor Harrison, Chief Executive, Impetus