Progressive and alternative economic development

Tuesday 5th July 2016, central Manchester

10am until 4pm

Our local places face many economic, social and environmental challenges.  In this, economic development should not confine itself to narrow ideas about economic growth alone, as has been a dominant narrative to England’s economic development.  Growth is important but we can, and should, also think about developing local economies and places in different ways.  This event will introduce participants to new emerging approaches and case studies in how to undertake progressive local economic development. Approaches which consider social growth, community wealth building and place resilience.

Follow-up support

Date TBC at training

An optional half-day session to take place three months after the main training course. The session is an opportunity for trainees to share any issues they have faced putting what they have learnt into practice with the trainer. Learners will also be able to catch-up with other trainees and learn from each other’s experiences. There will be a refresh of any course content required.


  • Progressive and alternative economic development  (one day)- £225
  • Follow-up support (half day)- £50

A discount of 20% is available on the above prices to voluntary and community sector organisations.

CLES members will receive a 40% discount on the above prices. CLES members can use prepaid event days to book this course where appropriate. 

Course fees include detailed reference materials and refreshments.