Progressive public procurement and local supply chains

CLES think time

CLES think time sessions aim to provide an enjoyable and interesting opportunity for debate, discussion and new ideas.  They will be small scale to encourage active participation and offer a chance to ask new and old questions, think about the future and about the lessons from the past. We want these sessions to be positive and inspiring so that you will leave enthused and keen to get out there and improve places for the future.

Each session will be facilitated by a CLES member of staff and the focus will be on discussion, debate, sharing views, opinions and experience.

This session

The flow of of public sector spend and private sector supply chains, has the potential to energise local economies and wider social and community well-being.  Local economic multiplier effects, as well as local business growth, local employment and local agglomeration and clustering can all occur through a consideration of ,and policies to support, progressive procurement and private sector supply chains.  This think time, explores what is and can be done to sweat public sector assets, within existing procurement practice and what more can be done.


Free to all CLES subscribers – on the booking form just tick the box for CLES member – this will not count as an event day for those members with event days included in their membership. Non-members will be charged £25 plus VAT booking fee.

Includes refreshments.

Date 16th June

Time   2pm – 4pm

Venue Express Networks, 1 George Leigh Street, Manchester M4 5DL