Building an economy for all in Salford

AJ Bell Stadium, 1 Stadium Way, Eccles, M30 7EY

Salford is at the start of something new. Salford is building an inclusive economy, where businesses, communities and people both contribute to Salford’s success and reap the rewards. There is no doubt that Salford has been increasingly successful in attracting inward investment and development, as a basis to economic growth and social gain. However, despite this great success, we know that this approach, on its own, is unlikely to be enough – wealth does not naturally trickle down.

An inclusive economy in Salford will be one where wealth not only trickles but flows into the local community. It will focus on economic gains that occur through the actual functioning of the economy, rather than ‘after-the-fact’ benefits or redistribution. It will be an economy which truly benefits local communities, maximises social return, deepens local enterprise and business, and brings fairer wages.

This event is a both a celebration of what Salford is doing, but also a rallying call, to do more that is ambitious and action-focused.

The city joins a growing range of places, in the UK and internationally, who are building local wealth – making economic and social justice a reality.

The event will be led by Neil McInroy, CLES Chief Executive. Join in to:

  • Hear first hand from international and national representatives leading the way
  • Be inspired to build upon what the city has already achieved
  • Be a part in a key moment in the development of this new approach for the city

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