Shifting Paradigms: The Future in Focus

University of Aberdeen, King’s College, Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Shifting Paradigms is an annual conference held at the University of Aberdeen that highlights current challenges in economics and a plurality of approaches that can help us deal with them. The 2018 edition follows up on last year’s very successful first edition.  This year Shifting Paradigms looks at “How will the economy respond to changing technology, increasing inequality and climate change”?

This year’s focus lies on inequalities, thriving technology, and a changing climate – three topics with the potential to be the major determinants of our future. Recent political developments – European elections, Brexit, waves of populism and protectionism, social crises due to droughts and migration waves, and not at least rocketing crypto currencies have filled our newspapers’ headlines throughout the past months – and we believe these to be symptoms of our three big developments. Have a closer look at our topics here.

Speakers from across Europe and the UK include Neil McInroy, CLES CEO speaking at 2pm

Further details on the conference and info how to register can be found here