CLES Summit 2012: Making the most of localism

CLES Summit 2012Wednesday 4th July

Kings House Conference Centre, Manchester

More power for local places, local government and communities is a positive move. However, any shift in power from Whitehall to the Town Hall, and to communities and citizens, must deliver real benefits, with better social and economic outcomes. It can’t merely be about local power for powers sake. Making the most of localism is about working toward a progressive and better future for people and place.

Localism is undoubtedly happening. Through the Localism Act and Local Enterprise Partnerships, elected mayors, City Deals, neighbourhood planning, Health and well being, town centres and local finance, we are seeing the shift in power away from Whitehall.

Ultimately, the summit will explore key progressive questions relating to the localist path we are on and how it can make a real differences in terms of:

  • Tackling poverty
  • Creating jobs
  • Tackling inequality
  • Developing local business
  • Delivering economic success and growth
  • Considering alternatives to economic growth
  • Creating better health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Making better places

The Summit will critique and cast a torch onto localism. It will highlight where it is failing or will fail to tackle the real issues which local places and people face. The summit will also explore what the future role of the central state should be, in creating fairness between places and basic standards?

The CLES Summit 2012 will offer delegates a range of key note speakers and interactive sessions which will interrogate current ways of thinking and offer new alternatives and solutions.

Full details about the CLES Summit 2012 including prices, the programme and confirmed speakers can be found here.