Taking Power Back โ€“ Manchester launch

NLGN, CLES and Cities@Manchester invite you to join us for the launch of Taking Power Back, the new book by NLGN director Simon Parker, on Tuesday, October 13 at 6pm.

One of the key issues of our time is the question of where power and governance should lie. Should they be centrally controlled, drawing on efficiencies of scale and gathered knowledge? Or should they be more locally distributed, so that they more closely represent the actual needs of people and communities?

In Taking Power Back, Simon Parker, director of think tank NLGN, makes a powerful case for the latter. Centralisation, he argues, has been largely a failure, breeding distrust among citizens who are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

Offering policy recommendations and practical suggestions, Taking Power Back argues for a new kind of politics, one that can fully unleash society’s creative potential.

The evening will be introduced by Jim McMahon, Leader of Oldham council, followed by a discussion between Simon and Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies.

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/taking-power-back-manchester-launch-tickets-18501339003

There will also be an opportunity to purchase copies of the book. Further details about Taking Power Back can be found here.