CLES Think Time: Town centre resilience

Think times are designed to give you the head space to consider the direct relevance of key policy issues to your professional interests or sector. Each of the two-hour sessions will be led by a member of the CLES team who will provide a comprehensive overview of the topic before facilitating discussion about what it means in practice.

Town centre resilience

Tuesday 20th September 2016, central Manchester

2pm until 4pm 

In the face of online and out of town shopping, our high streets and town centres continue to struggle.  This trend is not going away, and as such we must reimagine what our town centres are for, and make them resilient to this ongoing shift in retail behaviour.  This think time will explore the many various approaches, and explore the CLES model for assessing town centre resilience.


  • Town centre resilience (2 hours)- £50

A discount of 20% is available on the above prices to voluntary and community sector organisations.

CLES members will receive a 40% discount on the above prices. CLES members can use prepaid event days to book this course where appropriate.