Using Local Multiplier 3 (LM3)

8th March 2011, Manchester

This course will enable delegates to use LM3 to calculate the impact of public expenditure on their local economy.

It is increasingly important that the public sector and particularly local authorities understand where their finances are spent and the impact this spending has upon local economies. Drawing on CLES’ extensive experience in using and adapting LM3 in a variety of contexts, this practical, interactive training course guides delegates through each of the steps of the LM3. Using ‘real’ data, this course encourages discussion about the implications of public procurement for local economic development and social regeneration.

This is a ‘hands on’ practical course and delegates will need to have a working knowledge of Excel spreadsheets in order to complete the practical tasks.

Topics covered include:

  • the challenges for procurement in enabling local economic and other community benefit
  • the theory of local economic multipliers
  • LM3
    • calculating total spend
    • calculating spend on local suppliers and on local employees
    • surveying suppliers and calculating re-spend
    • working out the LM3
    • interpreting the results and applying LM3 to your locality

Course fee

£200 plus VAT: £105 plus VAT for charity, voluntary sector organisations.

CLES members can use event days to book this course or receive a 20% discount on the above fees.

Course fees include detailed reference materials, refreshments and buffet lunch.


9.30am registration and refreshments for 10am start. Course ends at 4pm.