Wealth of local communities

Poligon creative centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The “Wealth of local communities” conference seeks to examine what municipalities can do to keep the money within the local economy.  It takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Neil McInroy, CLES CEO is a keynote speaker.

Many places struggle with local service providers and food producers closing their businesses followed by unemployment and numerous social and environmental consequences. Globalization is not necessarily beneficial for the local economy, so we often hear about places that have opted for the development that builds on local potentials. Public procurement with local providers as well as the development of local services, jobs, and local currencies are approaches that can strongly stimulate local development. The key is to keep money as close to home as possible.

We will hear about first-hand experiences from European cities as well as about good practices from Slovenia and discuss how municipalities can promote local wealth building.

Neil McInroy from CLES (The Centre for Local Economic Strategies, UK) will present their experience with encouraging local wealth building in Preston and other UK cities as well as their work throughout Europe in URBACT Procure network.

Annet van Otteloo from Afrikaanderwijk Cooperatie (Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative Rotterdam) will talk about strengthening the resilience of Rotterdam South with investing in active inhabitants and local businesses and the exchange within the URBACT Resilient Cities network.

PREREGISTER HERE and join representatives from national institutions, regional, and local administrations, experts, NGOs, practitioners, and researchers from academic and research institutions at the conference.

Attendance is free of charge.