CLES Think Time: What does Europe do for us?

Think times are designed to give you the head space to consider the direct relevance of key policy issues to your professional interests or sector. Each of the two-hour sessions will be led by a member of the CLES team who will provide a comprehensive overview of the topic before facilitating discussion about what it means in practice.

What does Europe do for us?

Tuesday 17th May 2016, central Manchester

2pm until 4pm 

The upcoming EU referendum, casts a torch onto what exactly the local economic and social benefits of being a member of the EU are.  On the one hand, many of our local economies and communities benefit form EU Structural funds and our businesses are part of a wider trading bloc.  On the other, EU procurement law may be seen as fettering public sector purchasing and open markets mean we can do little to protect our local industries.  This debate will present the pros and cons.


  • What does Europe do for us? (2 hours)- £50

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