Support from CLES

CLES provides bespoke advice and support to organisations aspiring to build community wealth in their localities.

“We have been working with CLES for more than seven years and their involvement has been invaluable in providing both a critical eye and a practical solution to our ambitions for a more inclusive and alternative local economy.

Their recognised expertise, knowledge and professionalism has also been instrumental in the success of the European URBACT III Procure network to educate and share good practice in how procurement can create a good local economy.

This collaboration has helped us to realise the emerging “Preston Model” and the continuing work around community wealth building. (And they are very nice people to work with!)”

Tamar Reay, Preston City Council and Project Lead for Procure

Why work with the Centre of Excellence?

We can help you understand your role in your local economy and develop strategies to realise an economically and socially just future for your local area. Through our work with over 100 organisations across the UK and beyond, we have developed and refined our research tools and methods to ensure we meet the unique needs of different places.

We have been pioneers of community wealth building in the UK and can provide specialist advice and expertise on how you can apply community wealth building strategies to suit your specific context and challenges.

As a think and do tank, our bold, creative thinking and strategic policy work is informed by our practice and collaborative approach. Meaningful collaboration with partners is a key means by which we have developed workable, progressive solutions to challenges being faced by places up and down the country.

Together we can achieve great things.

What we can do

Examples of recent work:

  • Convening local anchor networks in Kirklees and Birmingham
  • Community wealth building diagnostic in Gateshead, Wirral, NE Lincolnshire
  • Convening international anchor networks with URBACT European Procure Network
  • Analysis of procurement spend in Wirral, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester City, Oldham, Bury and Islington Councils and Leeds General Hospital, BMet College, Pioneer Housing Group
  • Workforce analysis in University of Birmingham
  • Audit of anchor assets, strategic advice, developing plans and narratives for successful community wealth building in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

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