Making Spend Matter

Are you a public organisation looking to create sustainable impact through public procurement? CLES and Making Spend Matter have developed a Spend Analysis Tool and guide to help you understand how you can harness your procurement spend to make a difference for your place and communities.

The basic spend analysis tool and guide aim to support public organisations with using spend analysis as an evidence base to progress the way in which they think about and carry out public procurement and economic development activities.

Spend analysis tool and guide

The basic spend analysis tool has been developed by CLES to provide public buyers with a simple methodology to analyse their procurement spend and better understand its scale, where it goes geographically, sectorally and with different types of suppliers. The URBACT Making Spend Matter Network have designed a guide to accompany the tool and enable organisations to reuse and adapt the methodology to make a sustainable difference in their context.

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The tool and guide have been tested by public organisations from different sectors in seven partner cities as part of the Making Spend Matter Transfer Network activities.

This experience has been captured in the guide to provide public organisations with a step by step process on how to start their spend analysis, how to make the methodology their own as well as how to use the tool and interpret the findings. The guide also includes tips on how to take your spend analysis to the next level and progress your procurement journey.