CLES at final conference of the Procure Network

CLES Deputy Chief Executive Matthew Jackson and Researcher Matthew Todd have attended the final conference of the Procure Network in Bologna, Italy this week.

The Procure Network, which began in 2015 will run until May 2018. Throughout this time, it has explored how procurement can be used more effectively to bring local economic, social and environmental benefit to cities through 3 main activities at partner level:

1) Developing awareness of economic power and barriers to innovation in public procurement within each partner city.

2) Encouraging innovation in public procurement with discussions focused on:

  • Simplifying the process of procurement;
  • Actively reduce levels of spend leaking out of cities;
  • Raising awareness of procurement opportunities;
  • Identifying services where there is potential for a different model of delivery.

3) Establishing a holistic approach to procurement which benefits the local economy and also the well-being of citizens.

As well a review of the Network, the final conference included presentations on public procurement in Italy and Bologna, cross-European practice, and Integrated Urban Development. As Lead Expert, Matthew Jackson shared key findings from the 3 years.

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