CLES Chief Executive to speak to cooperatives parliamentary group at Scottish Parliament

CLES Chief Executive, Neil McInroy, is to speak to a cross-party cooperatives group at the Scottish Parliament on 21st February.

The group aims to provide a platform for MSPs and others with an interest in cooperation and mutuality to increase awareness of the model and it’s contribution to Scotland’s social and economic development, and promote cooperation as a vital component of Scotland’s future.

In the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, there is a specific focus on local wealth building. The Government seeks to support the involvement of local communities in economic planning by:

  • Working with anchor institutions to consider how procurement activity can be better used to support local economic activity
  • Helping local enterprises to supply goods and services to these anchor institutions – keeping money within communities

Neil said:

“It is welcome that the Scottish government are hoping to take forward local wealth building. This could be key in rejuvenating the economic and social fortunes of many communities across Scotland.

In recent months I have had a number of meetings with Scottish government, local councils and other stakeholders around CLES’ work on local wealth building. This cross parliamentary group of cooperatives is the next step in making real progress. As always, CLES are here to help to push that agenda along in any way we can.”

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