CLES submission to RSA Inclusive Growth Commission

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Inclusive growth has grabbed the attention of all those who wish to build an economy for all. This is our submission to the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission.

In this submission we introduce the clear choices to be made in building greater levels of inclusion.  We warn that Inclusive Growth must be defined in social justice terms and not become a Trojan horse for yet more liberalising of the economy.  We also caution against perceiving Inclusive Growth as primarily being about jobs and the labour market.  CLES believes we must go further and make a concerted effort to change many more aspects of the prevailing  economic and social model.  This submission details what greater levels of social justice and inclusive growth should mean. This includes:

  • Forging a good local society (see CLES feeder publication here)
  • Inclusive governance (see CLES feeder publication here)
  • Successful places (See CLES feeder document here)

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The submission can be viewed here.

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