CLES welcomes the Sino-Euro think tank symposium


CLES was delighted this week to join the first Sino-Euro think tank symposium here in Manchester.

Organised by the Sino-Euro Think Tank Communication Association (SETTCA), the symposium welcomed nearly twenty researchers, policy advisers and practitioners from China. We were able to share our views on new local economics and it was a brilliant opportunity to share the UK and Chinese perspective on think tank management and purpose. Tellingly, we collectively identified a number of similarities between the challenges faced by think tanks in the UK and China, including:

  • Expanding horizons – encouraging stakeholders to move out of old ways of thinking and embrace the new
  • Intensifying co-operation – developing meaningful and productive partnerships
  • Building channels of influence – horizontally and vertically

SETTCA is a non-profit organisation established by Chinese scholars in the UK to promote high level exchange between China and Europe in the fields of strategy, policy, and industry. The first session of the symposium was held in Freiburg at Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI), University of Freiburg, Germany. CLES is pleased to continue its cooperation with SETTCA and to contribute further to European-Chinese exchanges.

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