CTRLshift: an emergency summit for change

From 27-29th March, 150 progressive thinkers and doers from across the UK – and beyond – gathered in sunny Wigan, in response to a call for ‘an emergency summit for change’. Their aim? To build ‘a powerful coherent voice and a collective action plan for radical, positive change in the UK’. CLES was in attendance to listen, learn and share experiences of developing realisable alternatives that respond to the economic, social and environmental crises we face.

A large number of blogs have been written which provide useful overviews and interesting insights into the event – links to two can be found below. A full programme and partners list for CTRLshift can be found on their website.

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Blog by Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transistion Movement.

Blog by Bertie Russell, Research Associate for CLES’ partners, Jam and Justice.

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