Democracy in the Workplace: How can corporations gain trust?

CLES Associate Director Tom Lloyd-Goodwin took part in a debate about democracy in the workplace at the Think Tank for Action on Social Change, in Dublin on 31st October.

Ireland and the EU have entered into a period of uncertainty due to Brexit, the weakness of established political parties, the threats to democratic institutions and the rule of law, and the backlash against migration, amongst other issues. In Ireland, the rise of social inequalities, the housing crisis, the need for healthcare reform, as well as the future relationship with the UK are among the most critical policy challenges.

The purpose of this seminar is to raise questions about alternatives and how can they be implemented. Tom spoke alongside a range of speakers including academics, representatives from co-operatives, politicians and worker directors.

Tom said:

“The TASC event was a great opportunity to share CLES’s experience of Local Wealth Building over the last 12 years and to focus these ideas towards stimulating more democratic ownership within the Irish economy. There are a different set of challenges for Local Wealth Building in Ireland, but still the same problem of extractive capitalism to contend with.”

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