Devolution and Beyond

Neil McInroy contributes essay on the voluntary sector’s role in an inclusive devolution agenda.

Three years since Devolution, Our Devolution, this compilation of essays from leading thinkers and operators in devolution explores the current context for the voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector.

With six combined authority mayoral elections in May 2017, this is a pivotal time for the devolution agenda – and if it is to be an inclusive one, it is vital that the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is playing a leading role. These essays, from both within the sector and out, explore how this can be achieved.

With contributions from:

  • Mike Wild (Macc)
  • Ceri Hughes and Ruth Lupton (Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit)
  • Gill Bainbridge (Merseyside Youth Association)
  • Fay Selvan (Big Life Group)
  • Atif Shafique (Royal Society of the Arts)
  • Neil McInroy (Centre for Local Economic Strategies)
  • Sean Anstee (Greater Manchester Combined Authority)
  • Simone Spray (42nd Street)
  • Garth Hodgkinson (Community CVS)
  • Carolyn Otley (Cumbria Third Sector Network)
  • Kathy Evans (Children England)
  • Jim McMahon MP (Shadow Minister for Local Government and Devolution)

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