Economic Democracy in Action: Strategies for Local Economic Development conference in Portugal

CLES Researcher Matthew Todd will be participating in the Prout Research Institute of Portugal (PRIP)’s conference on Economic Democracy in action on May 8-9th.

The conference will be a meeting point for people and institutions who seek new solutions and socio-economic models focused on people and the planet, with local and global perspective. New examples of economic democracy, the development of resilient local economies, cooperatives, and social and environmental entrepreneurship will be presented.

There will be six key themes covered:

  1. From Competition to Cooperation: A New Vision for Society;
  2. Local Leadership for Inclusive Development;
  3. Economic Democracy: Cooperatives;
  4. Banking Ethics and Social Finance;
  5. New Vision for Beira Interior: Municipalities and Local Development; and
  6.  Private Companies with Social and Environmental Responsibility.

CLES will be sharing knowledge around the role of the anchor institutions in local wealth building, drawing on examples from our work in Preston and beyond.

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