GM Food Poverty Alliance Launched

CLES Researcher, Matt Todd, attended the launch of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance on 8th May.

The event brought together interested parties from across GM, including those who have experience of food poverty.

The aim of the Alliance is to produce a Food Poverty Action Plan that will:

  • Reduce and prevent food poverty
  • Support communities to plan and adapt to the challenge of food poverty
  • Address structural issues that underlie food poverty, such as the benefits system and precarious and low-paid employment

The Alliance will have 7 themed sub-groups:

  1. Place-based access to food, looking at areas of Greater Manchester that do not have healthy and affordable food options
  2. Children experiencing food poverty
  3. Causes of food poverty, looking at underlying structural and economic issues such as universal credit and low-paid or
    precarious jobs
  4. Food banks and beyond, looking at how we can better coordinate, develop best practice models for, and explore different models of food aid and social food provision
  5. Measuring and monitoring food poverty
  6. Skills and training for people in poverty, looking at issues such as health, budgeting, and cooking
  7. Diversity Scrutiny Group, which will advise the other sub-groups to make sure the Action Plan addresses food poverty for everyone

The Alliance is still in the early stages and GMPA want to encourage new people to participate. If you are interested in joining the Alliance, you can find out more about the project and how to get involved here.

The next event on Monday 21st May – for further details and to book a place follow this link.

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