Local Leader Network Launched

As part of the Community Wealth Building Centre of Excellence, CLES has this week launched the Community Wealth Building Local Leader Network.

Bringing together councillors, council leaders, Welsh assembly members, elected mayors, and other local and regional politicians from across the UK – who collectively represent almost 5,000,000 residents – this network reflects the strong commitment of local government leaders to rebuild local economies which are more just, equal and secure than those which existed before the crisis hit.

In coming together in this way they are committing to redoubling their community wealth building work, scaling up and amplifying actions to ensure local people and places benefit from the wealth they create.

On display throughout was a seriousness and sense of duty which is being witnessed in localities across the country. Local government has stepped up to the plate at this moment of crisis – these authorities are on the front line, and they work at the ‘final mile’: from delivering food to vulnerable residents, to ensuring government schemes are administered and support gets to those who need it.

This network will enable these pioneers of local economic recovery to share experience and practice from their organisations. Participants also agreed to work together to build a shared voice advocating for community wealth building within the sector and with national government.

Frances Jones, CLES Associate Director, said:

“Our local economies needed a reset prior to the onset of coronavirus; this work is doubly urgent now. Community wealth building will be key to a just and resilient process of rebuilding and remaking – this network brings together political leaders already engaging with this work, with CLES offering support and guidance”

Neil McInroy, CLES Chief Executive, said:

“We had an excellent first meeting. The community wealth building movement has great political advocates and delivers at the local level. CLES stands ready to support and help all areas wishing to advance community wealth building as a central pillar of a socially, environmentally and economically just post crisis UK.”

For more information on the Community Wealth Building Centre of Excellence, please contact: francesjones@cles.org.uk

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