Local Wealth Building in the North East

This month CLES has started three separate programmes of work in Sunderland, Darlington and Gateshead, to bring Local Wealth Building to the North East of England.

In Gateshead and Sunderland, CLES is now undertaking scope research and initial interviews to explore the potential for Local Wealth Building, with a specific focus on key strategic priorities of reducing low pay and developing the SME sector.

In March, CLES will be also be facilitating a meeting of the Sunderland Partnership, where the focus will be on developing Local Wealth Building strategies and new forms of working collaboratively to build local economic and social justice.

In Darlington, CLES will be looking at the Borough Council’s spend, and will be developing a Social Value Framework. To develop the Local Wealth Building approach more widely across the borough, CLES will also be convening a Network made up of wider anchor institutions.

If you would like to work with us in your area, get in touch.

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